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28 Days | A Sober Vegan Experiment


I am not the first one out of the gate in January rushing to fail at ill-attempted New Year's Resolutions. But Kevin and I do make it a point to focus on our health a little more than usual at the beginning of each year. We usually don't drink for a month and cut back on the dining out. Last february Kevin got  crazy after he saw the documentary forks over knives and he became a practicing vegan overnight. I look back and actually can't believe he decided to do that when I was kinda one big hormonal mess. I mean, at that stage in the game, I was getting mad at him for not being able to breastfeed Wyatt in the middle of the night. You can be assured I flashed the same look at him when he told me he wouldn't be sharing the short rib raviolis with me (i mean how dare he...).

You'd think it wouldn't be such a big deal if one person changed their diet but it was for us. So much of our relationship had been centered around food in our past. Date night was meeting at new restaurants and sharing everything. Kevin used to take down prime rib with the best of them and a lot of my favorite moments were made while laughing and spooning warm bread pudding and chocolate ganache into our mouths.

So we've had to adjust a little bit. a lot. It makes me laugh but sometimes it makes me furious that we fight about whether we really need to put butter or oil in our brussel sprouts (i say yes, ab-so-effing-lutely he says no-effing-way i'll eat that if you do).

But because we make it a point to be uber healthy in the month of february, I decided to make a romantic gesture and become a sober vegan for the next 28 days. I kinda don't know if I can do it. I'm a meat-loving-asian and I'm pretty sure you'd have to kill me before I swore off a delicious steak for good. But I'm a little curious to know if I can actually do this and if I do, is it really going to make all that much of a difference.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone changed up their diet...?

this week you're cute because...


this week you're cute because....

-when we went to the museum you saw some kids eating and walked up to them and signed to them you wanted to eat their food.

-you spilled water all over me and then gave me a big hug as if you were apologizing.

-you can go down the slide all by yourself. #nofear

-you still eat your spinach as if you had just smoked a big joint and had the munchies.

-you think all shoes come with squeaky sounds, just like the sandals your auntie got you for xmas.

-you fall asleep at night to your musical monkey. #musictomyears

-you chase the family dog and threaten her with wooden spoons.

-you throw away your dirty diapers and then laugh.

-you take sips of water and then say "ahhhh".

-you're still alive after you fell head first from the couch onto the cast iron floor lamp.




I dream of it.

I dream of rolling over, hitting snooze and getting some un-rushed cuddle time in with the husband. 

Before crossing over to the other side known as parenthood, I  took this little luxury for granted. 

If you think you're tired after a night of good fun in without-small-child-land you really have no idea.

I'm happily exhausted.

pillow talk


lets talk pillows.
those fluffy things you throw on your couch, pick up off your floor and toss on your bed...

i've come to find are kinda important.

when buying things for my home i need to be realistic.

i'm not rich.

i have a one year old,

a dog and a cat.

oh, and my husband is an avid sweater.

all these  things work against me.

but i am learning that beautiful, well constructed pillows

are kinda just the shit. 

and i'm kinda obsessed.


this works for me for me too

when you need a pop of color


for the floor